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Corporate Executive Protection and Investigations Services

Finest Corporate Executive Protection and Bodyguard Company, Assets Courier and Investigations Services


Providing the best quality service to keep our clients out of harm’s way, potential embarrassment and give them the confidence they need to achieve their business and personal goals securely.

“Security is always excessive, until it’s not enough”. XM 7 Agency protect clients from paparazzi, stalking, kidnapping, assault, bodily injury, or invasion of privacy. We often work with local police and other law enforcement agencies. …Learn more

Our staff consists of active or retired law enforcement, military and special forces personnel with years of experience to assist you in any security related situation, ready to travel where needed. All our agents are current registered with S.I.A., B.S.I.S., D.C.A., C.P.D.A. and P.S.T.A.

*Intelligent Shield Services is finding the perfect balance between protecting the client while letting him work and live as normal a life as possible.

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Services Provided:

Serving Europe, UAE, Asia, US and Baja California  *Some restrictions apply

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Finest Executive Protection Services, Bodyguard Service, Security Consulting, Diplomatic Security, Special Services, Shadow Bodyguard, Invisible Bodyguard, Ambassador Services, Asset Protection, Asset Courier Service, Private Investigation, Private Detective Services, Live in Home Security, Yacht Security, House Sitting Service, Lifestyle Management and Concierge Service Provided by XM7 Agency.

*All agents are bilingual with relevant references in a wide range of specific security field.




*We assure discretion and keep things confidential, even when faced with lucrative financial deals or personal family matters.

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